Change the box widget border and background

On the box widget, click on Settings.

In the settings you can now customize the border and colors applied.

To modify the border, change the "Show Border" to ON.

  • Border thickness: Adjust the thickness of the border around the box.  The higher the number, the thicker the border.

  • Round corners:  If you have the "Distribute all corners evenly" selected, you can modify one of the corners settings and it will be applied to all four corners at the same time.  To change the intensity of the roundness in the corners, either click on the up/down arrows or enter a number to have the corners rounded.

NOTE:  If you deselect the "Distribute all corners evenly", you will need to modify each of the four corners to the desired roundness.

To modify the background or border color, change the "Overwrite Website Styles" option to ON.

  • Background color: This is the color that fills the box.

  • Border color: This is the color that goes around the outside of the box.

To change the color, either enter the Hex value of the color (#222222) or click on the color next to the hex value to select from the theme colors, standard colors or more colors.

When you are done modifying the box settings, click on Save.

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