Add a border or background color to text widget

To add a border or background to the text widget on your website, access the page in the website editor.

The text widget doesn't have an option to add a border or background, but you can do this with the Box design element.

From the widget menu select the design elements and drag and drop a box on the canvas area.

For help on how to "Change the box widget border and background", click here.

With the box widget on the canvas area, take your text widget and drag it into the box.

NOTE:  If the text doesn't show, make sure the box is behind the text and the text isn't darker then the box color.  To put the box behind the text, use the "Send to Back" option in the box widget menu.

You can either resize the text widget to fit in the box, or resize the box to fit your text widget.

From now on the text widget will sit in this box widget.  If you move the box widget on the page, the text will move with the box too.

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