Explanation of form fields

Here is an explanation of all the different form fields available. 

Text: An entry field that allows visitors to freely type information. Text fields are great for allowing visitors to type in more information that can help clarify something.

String: Similar to a Text field, but the field height is limited. String fields are better used for collection First Name, Last Name, Address, City, etc. 

Number: A string field allows only numbers to be entered. Number fields are good when you want to collect a number such as How Many Guest Will Be Attending, How Many Employees, etc. 

Drop Down List: Presents the visitor with a pre-defined list to choose from where only one option can be selected. Drop down list work great for collecting a Source, Contact Type, Phone Type, Address Type, etc.

Multiple Choice: Give the visitor multiple answers to choose from. Multiple choice fields are good in situations where you have a fewer options to choose from, such as True/False or Yes/No. 

Check Box: The check box allows visitors to check or uncheck an option. You can use the check box in situations where you have True/False or Yes/No options, or to give consent.

Date: The date field allows visitors to enter a date in MM/DD/YYYY format. The date field works well when you want collect information such as Best Date To Call, Best Date To Meet, etc. 

Time: The time field allows visitors to enter a time in hh:mm am format. The time field works well when you want to collect information such as Best Time To Call, Best Time To Meet, etc. 

Phone: Allows visitors to enter a phone number. The phone number field is important if you want to collect a phone number to get back in touch with the visitor. 

Currency: Collect a dollar amount from the visitor. Currency can be an important field if you require to collect a dollar value from your visitors, such as Home Value, Budget, etc.

Email: Collect the visitors email address. Collecting the visitors email address ensures that you can stay in touch with the customer or communicate with them electronically.

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