Obtaining and uploading the SSL Certificate for my domain

 If you are using TruVisibility’s FREE subdomain, the SSL Certificate is available at no additional charge. To enable SSL on a page in your website, access the Pages area and click the "Secure" icon to enable SSL option for each page that needs to be secure. 

If you are using a domain that you purchased from a web hosting company such as GoDaddy, 1and1, etc., you will need to upload the SSL Certificate in the Pages area. Here are the steps you should follow:

1.  To obtain an SSL Certificate, you can either contact the company you purchased your domain from, or you can search online for a company that sells SSL Certificates.

2.  Once you have purchased your SSL Certificate, you will need to download the certificate from the company you purchased it from. For help with this, please contact the company you purchased the certificate from.

3.  Access the Pages area of TruVisibility AFTER you have completed the domain validation. For more help on validating your domain, read this article on Setting up the user domain for my website.

4.  Click on the "Secure" icon.

5.  In the pop-up that appears, drag and drop the certificate or browse your computer for the file.

6.  If you have a password for your certificate, enter it in the password field.

7.  Click Upload.

8.  After your certificate has been uploaded, you can now enable the Pages that should be secure by selecting the "Secure" icon for each page.

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