Adding a Google Map to your website

If you want to show your location on your website through a physical map, you can use the Google Map widget in the website editor.

1.  Access the website editor for the page you want to add a map to

2.  In the widget menu, select Apps and drag the Google Map widget on the page 

3.  Once the map is placed where you want it, click on the edit option to modify the location of the map

            NOTE: Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled, as Google Maps will ask if it should use your current location

4.  To add a location, click on +Add Location

5.  Enter the address and you can give this location a Title if you want one

6.  Click save

7.  The map will now show a red flag on the map for the location you added

8.  If you have multiple locations, you can click on the +Add Location to add multiple locations to show in your map

9.  When you are done adding all your locations and modifying the controls, click save

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