Insert HTML code into your website

Many applications online have a way to generate a snippet of HTML code that will allow you to embed or insert their application in your website. With the TruVisibility HTML widget, you can take the code generated by any third party application to insert it into your TruVisibility website. 

To insert any HTML code, start by accessing the website editor and go to the page you want to add the code to

1.  In the widget menu, select Apps and drag the HTML widget on the page

2.  Once the HTML widget is placed where you want it, click on the edit option to modify the HTML code

3.  If you don’t already have the HTML code from your third party application, you will need to get it

4.  Copy the HTML code from that third party, and paste it in the window that appears in TruVisibility making sure to overwrite any content already in the window 

5.  When you are done, click save

6.  Depending on the third part tool, you may see their application appear in your website editor. Some tools will only show when you preview the website or publish it

7.  Resize the widget on your screen so the third party application fits on the page

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