Welcome to TruCHAT! This article will help you take your first steps in the platform and shed light on some basic things you need to know in the first instance. Ready? Let's get started!

Let's create your first chatbot that will ask your visitor's name and email, offer them to ask a question and then create a ticket based on that question.

1. Go to the Chatbots section and create a chatbot from a template.


2. Double-click on your chatbot and go to the Scripts tab.

3. Create a script that will collect the user input and create a ticket.

4. Go to the Connections section and create a connection.


5. Create a trigger and link it to your connection.

6. You can now look at how your chatbot works by clicking the Preview button.

Congratulations! You have created your first chatbot! For more details on each step, please refer to other articles.