When building a chatbot, you often need certain things (like creating a ticket or sending an email) to be done during the chatbot session. This becomes possible with Chat's Perform Actions step. In this article you will learn what this step is, where you can find it, what types of actions there are, and how to configure each of them in Chat.


What the Perform Actions Step Is

The Perform Actions step is a part of a chatbot script that allows you to perform specific functions such as add or remove a tag, set a field value, send an email, create a ticket, or perform math on field values. Each one of these functions gives you tremendous power in building the chatbot that does exactly what you need to accomplish.



How to Add the Perform Actions step to Your Script

To add the Perform Actions step to your script, click the "Add" button in the "Diagram" tab and select the "Perform Actions" option in the dropdown list. 



Types of Actions


Add Tag

Chat features a tagging system for visitor, lead, and customer identification. This allows you to do customer segmentation as well as to route chats to the right bot or live agent.



Remove Tag

The Remove Tag option allows you to remove the particular tag from the visitor's profile if no longer needed.



Set Field

The Set Field option allows you to set a variable, a constant or a URL parameter to a particular field value.



Send Email

Chat allows you to send an email right from the chatbot that's personalized with field values and session values. A great application of this feature is to let your chatbot send an email to an appropriate salesperson containing a newly captured lead.



Send SMS

Chat allows you to send an SMS right from the chatbot that's personalized with field values and session values.



Create Ticket

The Create Ticket action allows you to automatically create a ticket from a chatbot session at any point in your scripted flow. You can update the status of the ticket in the Chat's Activities section as it is handled and, ultimately, resolved.




This action allows you to perform mathematical calculations on field values.



Unpin Message

This action allows you to unpin a message that was previously pinned to top as a part of the Content step.



Submit to AI

Use this action to redirect the conversation to be processed through AI.



Set Random Number

Setting a random number is helpful when you want to assign a random numeric value (within the required range) to a certain variable.



Split Field

This action allows you to parse a certain field's value and save each part to a separate variable.



Join Fields

This action allows you to unite several fields' values and save it to a different variable.



Clear View

The Clear View option allows you to clear the message history for the visitor (although you will still be able to see it in the Administration section). Clear View works only for Web. Facebook API doesn't allow you to clear messages.




This was an overview of Chat's Perform Actions step. We learned what exactly this step is, how to add it to your script, what types of actions it allows your chatbot to perform, and how to configure each action. To learn about another Chat's step, please see the article How to Configure the Condition Step in Chat.