In this article we will explore the Chat's gallery of chatbot templates and see how we can manage them. You need templates to create a chatbot, so make sure you didn't forget what the article How to Create a Chatbot from a Chat Template is about.


What Is a Chatbot Template?

Chat offers you a whole gallery of various chatbot templates, which allow you to start communicating with your customers in no time, without being a professional chatbot builder.

You can use these templates as they are, edit them to your needs, or take just a portion of them to your final chatbot. They are easy to use, customize, and deploy.


Figure 1. An Example of a Chatbot Template.


Where Can I Find Chatbot Templates?

To find the chatbot templates, follow these steps:

1. Click Chatbots in the upper menu. Once on the Chatbots page, click the "+ Add Chatbot" button in the upper right corner.



2. You are in the chatbot creation wizard. Enter the name for your new chatbot and click "Next".



3. You are now on the Templates page. We'll describe further what you can do with this template gallery.



Managing Templates

Favorite Templates

To mark a template as favorite, click on the heart icon in the upper right corner of its thumbnail. To remove from favorites, click there again.

To show only your favorite templates, click "Favorites" on the left sidebar.


Figure 2. Favorite Templates.


Filtering by Language

To filter templates by language, click on the arrow next to the current language in the upper left corner of the screen. There are templates in English, Russian, and Spanish. Templates in English are displayed by default.


Figure 3. Filtering Templates by Language.


Sorting Options

You can sort the templates by top rated ones, by number of uses, or by newest ones. To sort templates, click on the arrow next to the current sorting option in the upper right corner of the screen.


Figure 4. Sorting Templates.


Template Details

To view template details, click "Details" on its thumbnail. You will see what it looks like, how many times it was used already, its rating and reviews, and the last updated date. You can also run a live demo, and, in case you like it, choose this template for your chatbot right away.


Figure 5. Template Details.



In this article, we got familiar with the Chat's template gallery and learned how to manage the templates.

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