In this article we will take a closer look at email statuses of contacts which help you manage your contact base. Statuses show how your audience reacts to your messages. 

We will discuss the following topics:

What Email Statuses Are

Each contact in your contact base has an email status. It reflects the user’s attitude to your emails.

On the Contacts page statuses are displayed under the email address.

Figure 1. The Email Status Location On The Contacts Page

You can also find an email status on the Contact editing page in the upper right corner.

Figure 2. The Email Status Location On The Contact Editing Page

What Types Of Email Statuses Are There In TruMESSAGING

There are eight types of email statuses in TruMESSAGING. Let’s explore each one.


This status is used if a contact somehow confirmed readiness to receive emails (clicked the Subscribe or Confirm button).

Figure 3. The Confirmed Status


This status implies that the contact was added to the contact database, but has not  received a message yet.

Figure 4. The New Status


This status is used if the contact receives emails (at the same time they did not receive an email confirming their newsletter subscription, and they did not unsubscribe from the blast).

Figure 5. The Subscribed Status

Soft Bounced

This means that the last letter sent to this contact failed for reasons beyond your control - the recipient's mail server was unavailable or refused to accept the letter.

Figure 6. The Soft Bounced Status

Hard Bounced

According to this status, attempts to deliver mail to this contact repeatedly failed. Mail is not sent to such contacts.

Figure 7. The Hard Bounced Status


This status means that the contact chose "unsubscribe from emails" on the unsubscribing page. You can not send mail to this address. In the contacts list the unsubscribed contacts are displayed in a more pale type to highlight them visually.

Figure 8. The Unsubscribed Status


This means that you sent an invitation to subscribe (or the contact sent it to themselves through the subscription form), but the recipient has not clicked on the confirmation link in the invitation letter yet. Such contacts don’t receive letters.

Figure 9. The Pending Status


This status implies that the contact clicked the Spam button. Emails are not sent to such contacts. The contacts with this status are also displayed in a more pale type

Figure 10. The Complained Status


Now you are familiar with email statuses. Continue exploring TruMESSAGING contacts. See article How To Segment Your Audience In TruMESSAGING to make communication with your customers more efficient.