TruDRIVE Sheets is a powerful data analysis tool that helps you create and edit sheets without leaving your TruVisibility account. If you often need to operate large amounts of information organized in sheets, you will love this TruDRIVE feature. To learn basic things about TruDRIVE, please see the article Getting Started With TruDRIVE.

This article will describe the following ways to create sheets:

Creating A New Sheet

To create a new sheet, click the 'Add Sheet' button either in the upper toolbar or - if this is your first sheet - in the center of the canvas (see Figure 1). Then enter all the necessary data manually. The new sheet will be named Untitled spreadsheet followed with the time and date of its creation. To rename a sheet, click on the pencil icon next to its name (see Figure 2).


Figure 1. Creating a new sheet



Figure 2. Renaming a sheet


Copying A Sheet

To copy a sheet, click on the three dot menu next to its name and select the Make A Copy option (see Figure 3). The duplicated sheet will appear in the same folder with the same name followed by (1) if this is the first copy, (2) for the second one and so on. Use this option to create templates that will help you save your time.


Figure 3. Copying a sheet


Importing A Sheet

To import a sheet from your device, click on the three dot menu in the upper toolbar and select the Import option (see Figure 4). Once the Import pop-up appears, select an XLSX or a CSV file on your device and click Import. The imported sheet should not exceed 10 MB.


Figure 4. Importing a sheet from your device


There is also a way to import a sheet without using the three dot menu. Just select one on your device and drag it to the files and folders area in the Sheets section until it gets highlighted blue. Then release the left mouse button and the file will be copied to TruDRIVE (see Figure 5).


Figure 5. Drag-and-dropping a sheet from your device



In this article we learned the three ways to create a sheet, i. e. creating new sheets manually, copying sheets and importing them. For further instructions, please refer to the article How To Work With Sheets In TruDRIVE. Don't miss it!