This article will shed light on the blast list page and describe how you can manage items, as well as sorting options and context menu. If you have too many blasts in your list, you will find it useful to organize them the way you want. To learn more about blasts, please see the article How To Create An Email Blast.

This article describes the following manipulations with the blast list:

Sorting By Tabs

There are four tabs on the blast list page: All Blasts, Draft, In Progress, Scheduled, Sent, and Archived. You can find blasts of a certain category much faster and easier.


Figure 1. Sorting By Tabs


Sorting By Columns

You can customize your blast list and add exactly those parameters that you need to monitor the progress or to sort blasts by certain parameters. There is a huge list of them including name, subject, opened, clicked and many other parameters. Tick those ones that you need, and they will appear on the page.

Figure 2. Sorting By Columns


Using Context Menu

Context menu for each blast is available via the three dot menu at the end of the blast name. Using the context menu, you can duplicate or delete a blast, view its details, sent a test email, etc.

Figure 3. Context Menu



This was the blast list page overview, where we described how you can manage items on this list, including such manipulations as sorting by tabs, sorting by columns, and using context menu. Please see the article TruMESSAGING Platform Overview to learn about other parts of the platform.