When sending an email blast, you might face a problem with the postal address not being defined. This short article is intended to solve the mentioned problem. To learn more about creating an email blast from scratch, please see the article How To Create An Email Blast.

This article will answer the following questions:

Why The Warning Appears

Let's say you've duplicated your email blast and are trying to send a test email. Most probably (if you haven't read this article yet), a warning will appear saying 'Postal address is not defined' (see Figure 1). This happens because the previously entered postal address does not get duplicated together with the email, and, according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, your message must include your valid physical postal address.


Figure 1. The 'Postal Address Is Not Defined' Warning

How To Fix The Problem

1. To add a postal address, go to the lower part of your message and find the line 'Click here to create postal address' (see figure 2). Click on it.


Figure 2. Adding A Postal Address To Your Message

2. Once the New Postal Address pop-up appears, fill out all the fields in accordance with their names (see Figure 3). All fields are required except the State/Region field. When you fill out all the fields, click Add. Now your message is ready to be sent.


Figure 3. Filling Out The Fields In The New Postal Address Pop-Up

How To Avoid It In Future

You can avoid this problem in future, if you add your postal address in the Settings section (see Figure 4). Just click Add New Address and fill out all the fields in the New Postal Address pop-up as it was described above. You can enter several addresses and mark one of them as the default one.


Figure 4. Adding Your Postal Address In The Settings Section


Now you know how to deal with the problem of your postal address not being defined, and also why this problem appears. You even know how to protect yourself from such an issue in future. To learn more about other types of messaging than blasts, please see the articles How To Create An Autoresponder and How To Create An Automation