In this article we will describe how to configure the TruCHAT Viber integration that allows us to create a Viber bot with natural language processing based on TruCHAT technology. Let’s build your first Viber bot together. It is needed to follow these steps: 

Setting Up Viber

In order to set up the Viber integration for your agent, you'll need the following:

  • a Viber account
  • the Viber app

Setting Up TruCHAT

In TruCHAT, go to the “Connections” section and click the “Add” button (see Figure 1).

nullFigure 1. Adding the Viber Connection

Choose “Viber” in the list. Click “Next” (see Figure 2).


Figure 2. Choosing a Connection Type

Enter the name of your connection and choose a time zone from the dropdown list. Click “Next” (see Figure 3).


Figure 3. Entering the Connection Name and Choosing a Time Zone

Now you are on the page with the Access Token field (see Figure 4). To get the token, you need to create a bot in Viber.

nullFigure 4. The Access Token Field

Creating a Bot in Viber

Navigate to the Viber login page. Enter your phone number and click “Login” (see Figure 5).


Figure 5. Viber Account Login

Now it’s time to create a bot account. Start with uploading an account image (see Figure 6).
nullFigure 6. Uploading an Account Image

There are also fields to fill in: Account Name, Uri, Category, Subcategory, Language, Account Description, Website Address, and Email Address (see Figures 7,8).


Figure 7. Empty Fields

Figure 8. Completed Fields

Once you are done with uploading the account image and filling in the fields, check the checkboxes and click “Create” (see Figure 9).


Figure 9. Checking the Checkboxes

Now your bot account is created. Copy your Private Token by clicking the “Copy” button (see Figure 10).


Figure 10. Your Private Token

Paste the token into the “Access Token” field and click the “Finish Setup” button (see Figure 11).
nullFigure 11. Finishing Setup

Now the connection is created. You can find it in the Connections section (see Figure 12). 

nullFigure 12. Your Viber Connection

You can find the created bot in the Viber app on your mobile phone in the Settings section. Click on the “My Bots” section (see Figure 13).  

Figure 13. Finding the Created Bot in the Viber App on a Mobile Phone

Once your bot is opened, click the “Publish” button (see Figure 14).


Figure 14. Publishing the Bot

Now you can test the bot. Click the “Message” button and send any message to the bot as if you are the client (see Figure 15).


Figure 15. Writing a Message to the Bot in the Viber App

You will see a notification in the Chats section in the left sidebar (see Figure 16).


Figure 16. Notifications in TruCHAT

In the Chats section you can see your message. Start chatting by clicking the “Take Chat” or the “Start Chat” buttons (see Figure 17).

nullFigure 17. Chatting with the Bot in TruCHAT


Now you know how to create a Viber bot connected to TruCHAT. You can use it in different ways. For example, your bot can give information about services or a user can submit a ticket via the bot.