TruVisibility platform gives you an opportunity to integrate your account with various external servers and use them for sending emails and text messages to your customers. In this article we will take a look at the available mail and SMS servers and learn how to configure them.

Currently, there are four servers available for integration:


TruVisibility Mail Server

TruVisibility server is our local mail server. It is configured by default for all new users.


Amazon SES Mail Server

Amazon SES stands for Amazon Simple Email Service. The email sending capabilities of this cloud-based service can be integrated into your products, such as email clients and ticketing systems. To configure the Amazon SES server, go to the Integrations section, select Amazon SES and click Configure.

To access Amazon SES through the Amazon SES API, you must use your AWS access key. This key consists of two parts, an access key ID and a secret access key, and can be obtained via the Amazon SES console. Locate those keys and enter them into the Key and Secret boxes.

Then select a region from the dropdown list. We recommend that you select a region that's geographically close to you (or to your customers). This will provide most effective network performance.


SMTP Mail Server

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This protocol is used to send emails via email programs, e. g. Microsoft Outlook. To configure the SMTP server, go to the Integrations section, select SMTP and click Configure.

Then enter the SMTP parameters: SMTP server name / IP address, port, user name and password. These parameters are specific for each provider. 

Tick Enable SSL if you want to make your connection more secure, as SMTP email transfer doesn’t usually provide an encryption. Click Save.


Twilio SMS Server

Use Twilio SMS Server to send text messages to a wide range of recipients. To configure the Twilio SMS server, go to the Integrations section, select Twilio SMS and click Configure.

Then you will need to enter the Twilio SMS parameters: account SID and auth token.

To obtain these parameters, you should sign in to Twilio, and they will appear in your Dashboard.



Today we learned about the four mail and SMS servers available for integration on the TruMESSAGING platform and also how to configure them. With this information, you are ready to create SMS blasts. For details, please see the article How To Create An SMS blast.