In this article, we will have a look at several characteristics when we talk about contacts: Sendex Value, Rate Quality, Transactional Quality, and Marketing Quality. These characteristics define whether or not an email message will be delivered. Let’s dive deeper into each.

Sendex Value and Rate Quality

The Sendex Value is an indicator of the quality of an email address. For example, is a higher quality email address than The Sendex Value is a number from 0 (no quality) to 1 (excellent quality). The higher the Sendex Value, the more likely an email will be delivered successfully. The reason for a  Sendex Value decrease is a mail server unavailability. In this case, a contact becomes suspect and the Sendex Value declines. 

The Rate Quality is a readable interpretation of the Sendex Value by a human. There are three options: Good, Fair and Poor. 

The Rate Quality is displayed in the “Contacts” section under the “Transactional/Marketing Quality” columns. If you use your mouse to hover over the Rate Quality of a contact,  you can see a table with the Sendex Value (see Figure 1). In this table, you can find what Sendex Value corresponds to the Good/Fair/Poor Rate Quality. 

nullFigure 1. The Rate Quality and Sendex Value

Transactional Quality and Marketing Quality

Now it’s time to find out what the Transactional and Marketing Quality is.The Transactional Quality is the Rate Quality for autoresponders. To learn  more about autoresponders, please see the article How to Create an Autoresponder.The Marketing Quality is the Rate Quality for email blasts. Please see the article How to Create an Email Blast to learn more about email blasts.

The Sendex Value scores differently for transactional and marketing emails (see Table1). For example, the Sendex Value equal to 0.6 corresponds to the Good Transactional Quality and Fair Marketing Quality.

Rate Quality Sendex Value for Transactional Emails Sendex Value for Marketing Emails









Table 1. The Sendex Value for Transactional and Marketing Emails

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