It may occur that sending emails from your account in Messaging is paused. Here, we will look at the reasons for suspension and learn how to avoid it. 

Reasons for Suspension

In Messaging, the total account statistics of the previous day are gathered on a daily basis. On those  grounds, the decision of suspension is made. Sending emails is paused under one or a few of the following conditions: 

Bounce Rate > 0.05
Complaint Rate > 0.005

Let’s have a closer look at these rates.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of emails sent from your account that resulted in a hard bounce. To learn  more about hard bounced emails, please see the article Email Statuses Overview.

Complaint Rate is the percentage of emails sent from your account that resulted in recipients reporting them as spam.

How to Avoid Suspension

Luckily, there are some things you can do to avoid suspension and improve your campaign results. 

  • Remove non-existent email addresses.
  • Remove unengaged subscribers.
  • Only send to contacts who opt-in for subscribed emails.
  • Only send the type  of content your subscribers have opted in to receive.
  • Make sure that your sender names and addresses are easy to recognize for your contacts.
  • Send consistently, always sending emails at the right time and frequency.
  • Make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe.

Good to know

In Messaging, there are automated systems that help monitor performance and sometimes false positive cases appear. If you believe that your account was wrongly suspended, you should contact the Messaging support team to free up your account. 

Please, see the articles What is Rate Quality and Why Has My Campaign Been Suspended to learn about characteristics of contacts and reasons for the campaign suspension.