In this article we will puzzle out why the new contacts get the status “Suspicious” and how to solve this problem. We will consider the following topics:

What Contacts Have Status “Suspicious”

The newly imported contacts can get the status “Suspicious”. Now let’s have a look at the situation at which contacts become suspicious.

The first campaign sent to the newly imported contacts is sent slowly because our system needs to check them. This process has no effects on already existing contacts. If the additional Complaint Rate for the newly imported addresses is more than 0.5% or Bounce Rate for the newly imported addresses is more than 10%, sending to the rest of the newly imported contacts is paused and you may be recommended to undo import (you will receive an email and a popup notification). Contacts of this campaign get the status “Suspicious”. Sending any mail to them is not allowed. 

To learn more about the Complaint Rate and Bounce Rate, please see the article Why Has Sending from My Account Been Paused.

How to Change the Contact Status from “Suspicious” to “New”

To change the contacts status from “Suspicious” to “New”, do the following:

1. Export the contacts to a file.
2. Without using Messaging, make sure the contacts want to receive your mail.
3. Import the file.

You can do this only once.


Now you know in which case the contacts become suspicious and what to do if it happens. You can also see the article TruMessaging Email Statuses Overview.