This article shows you how to get an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is needed to protect the data that users enter on your site, e. g. usernames, passwords, card numbers, email addresses etc. Availability of SSL certificate proves safety of data entry and shows concern for your clients.

To get an SSL certificate for your domain, perform the following steps.

1. Go to the site settings page and click “Manage SSL Certificates” or “Buy SSL Certificate”. You will move to the first step of the domain setup wizard.

nullFigure 1. Site Settings

nullFigure 2. The “Buy SSL Certificate” Button

2. Choose the period of activity for your SSL certificate. Enable a toggle if you want to update your SSL certificate automatically.

If a toggle is disabled, you will have to update SSL certificate manually at the end of the period of activity. Once you choose the period, click "Next".

nullFigure 3. Choosing the Period of Activity for the SSL Certificate

3. On this step, you should fill in the fields with information about yourself. Some of them are prefilled. All the fields are required. Once all the fields are filled in, click "Next".

nullFigure 4. Filling in Personal Data

4. On this step, you need to make a payment. If your card isn’t added yet, you need to enter card details and the billing address information.Once the data is entered, click "Submit".


Figure 5. Making a Payment

If your card is already added, you will see the card details entered. Click "Submit".

nullFigure 6. Card Details Entered

You can choose another card by clicking on the arrow icon. Then choose to use a different card from the dropdown menu.

5. After clicking the “Submit” button, you will be forwarded to the page confirming your SSL Certificate order. Purchasing may take up to 4 hours. 


Figure 7. Purchase in Progress


Today we learned how to get an SSL certificate for your domain, which will keep the data of your clients safe. For more information about Pages, check out our article How to Link an External Domain to Your Site.