Welcome to Pages! From this article, you will learn how to create a site, what you can do with the created site, and what site statuses are possible. 

How to Create a Site

To create a site on Pages, proceed with the following:

1. Go to the Pages section and click the “Add Site” button in the centre of the page or in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

nullFigure 1. The “Add Site” Button

2. On the input line, type the site name. It represents what the site is all about. Only you can see the site name.

nullFigure 2. Entering the Site Name

3. Choose a site type: landing page or chatbot landing page. After that, click “Next”.

Landing page is a standalone page for marketing or advertising your products or services. On the landing page, you can add a chatbot or live agent. Chatbot landing page is a standalone page complemented by an interactive chatbot. 

nullFigure 3. Choose a Site Type

4. Choose a suitable template. Templates can be sorted by rating, the number of uses, and creation date.

nullFigure 4. Templates Sort Criteria

Once you select a template, click “Finish”. 

nullFigure 5. Choosing a Template

5. You are on the page confirming your site creation. You can start editing your site or go back to your sites.

nullFigure 6. Page Confirming the Site Creation

6. You can find the created site in the “My Sites” section.

nullFigure 7. The Created Site in the “My Sites” Section

What You Can Do with the Created Site


You can edit your site. To do this, click the edit icon.

nullFigure 8. Clicking the Edit Icon

On the Edit page, you can add text, images, videos, buttons, and various widgets by clicking the “Add” button.

nullFigure 9. The “Add” Button on the Edit Page


To publish your site, click the edit icon. After that, click “Publish” in the upper right-hand corner of the page and choose “Publish” on the pop-up window. 

nullFigure 10. Clicking the Edit Icon

nullFigure 11. Clicking the “Publish” Button

nullFigure 12. Clicking the “Publish” Button

After publishing, you can copy your site URL to clipboard or view the site published.
nullFigure 13. Options After Publishing


You can download your site as a ZIP file. To do this, click on the ellipsis and choose “Download (ZIP)”.
nullFigure 14. How to Download the Site

Add to Favorites

To add your site to favorites, click on the ellipsis and choose “Add to Favorites”.
nullFigure 15. How to Add the Site to Favorites

After adding to Favorites, you can find your site in the Favorites tab.
nullFigure 16. The Favorites Tab


Duplicate your site by clicking on the ellipsis and choosing  “Duplicate”.
nullFigure 17. How to Duplicate the Site

After that, the copy of your site will appear in the My Sites section.
nullFigure 18. Copy of the Site


To delete your site, click on the ellipsis and choose “Delete”.
nullFigure 19. How to Delete the Site

Other Settings

There are also some other settings you may want to check. Click the gear icon to see them all.
nullFigure 20. Clicking the Gear Icon

You’ll see the four tabs with the following settings:

  • General settings
  • SEO and Promotion settings
  • Additional Codes
  • reCAPTCHA settings

nullFigure 21. General Settings

nullFigure 22. SEO and Promotion Settings

nullFigure 23. Additional Codes Settings

nullFigure 24. ReCAPTCHA Settings

Site Statuses

The three statuses are possible for your site: 

  • Published
  • Draft
  • Pending Changes

All of them are shown in the My Sites section as tabs. 

The Published status means that the site has been published and all the changes have been relocated to the published site. 

The Draft status means that the site has been created but hasn’t been published yet.
The Pending Changes status means that some changes have been made to the site but haven’t been published yet.
nullFigure 25. Site Statuses

You can connect the created site to an external domain. For detailed instructions, please check out the article How to Link an External Domain to Your Site.


Now you know how to create your first site! To learn how to protect it, you can review the article How to Get an SSL Certificate for Your Domain